Instant Gravy for Vegetable Chicken Curry




Curry powder, Ginger, Selected Spices, Tomato, Groundnut, Oil, Evaporated creamer, water, Salt, Tamarind, Lemongrass and stabilizer

Important product characteristics














Yeast & Mould     – Max. 5.0×102 /gm

Coliform           – <10 /gm

E.Coli             – Nil


pH – 4.0-5.0

Moisture Level: 40-50 %

Heavy Metal Test (Max. Permissible Limit in mg/kg)

1)     Arsenic    – 1

2)     Lead      – 2

3)     Mercury   -0.05

4)     Cadmium  -1

5)     Antimony  -1


oily and red in colour

Process Type Cooking
Intended Use As direct consumption stated on the label
Preparation Before Use Well cooked before served
Intended Customer General public
Packaging Polythene Bags (HDPE)

Distribution/Delivery method

Local Market – Insulated van & lorry

Export Market – Refrigerated container.

Storage Room Temperature (to be delivered with in one day)
Shelf Life 18 month from the date of manufacturing
Labeling Instructions Product Name, Batch No, Storage Requirement, Net Weight, Expiry Date and allergic information (contains groundnut as food allergen)
Potential for Mishandling Once opened keep refrigerated condition and to be used within 24 hrs. Re-frosting and defrosting again will spoil the texture.


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